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Lifeline has developed a range of free toolkits to provide you with information and assistance during challenging times. Browse and download our range of toolkits and factsheets.

Watch stories of hope – Podcasts

Jessica Rowe’s Story

Jessica Rowe talks about her experience with post-natal depression after the birth of her first child.

Rachael’s Story

Rachael Stevens was 17 years old when she attempted to take her own life.
She was found by a friend who took her to hospital. It was on the way, almost too late, that she first thought the decision she’d made might have been the wrong one.

John Brogden – Lifeline National Board Chair

John talks about his depression and suicide attempt in 2005 and shows no matter how successful you are mental illness does not discriminate and can affect anyone.

Crisis Supporter Dennis’ story

After many years in the military, I started to have many negative thoughts and emotions over several years. It continued to worsen but happened gradually, so I considered it part of the background. Eventually, the negative thoughts were becoming so tiring that I could not handle it on my own any further. I needed help. So I called Lifeline.